Predicting PM25 at Hyderabad

This is a flask app built to deploy a ML model that predicts PM25 near my home in Hyderabad. This website serves a GET request at "/predict" with the params {date:'YYYY-MM-DD'} which uses the pre-trained ML model and predicts the pollution for the date provided.


Air pollution is a big issue in Hyderabad, and I have built a Machine learning app that predicts the amount of PM25 particles in air. The ARIMA model is deployed using pythoneverywhere and the data is stored at ElephantDB. Finally, the website displays the data in a nice dashboard.


A cron job at 1:05AM GMT makes the HTTP request from this app and stores the prediction in an ElephantDB table.

API Documentation

The stored data can be accessed using Rest API:
predictGet the prediction using ARIMA for the date date='YYYY-MM-DD' GET
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