Predicting PM25 at Hyderabad

This is a flask app built to deploy a ML model that predicts PM25 near my home in Hyderabad. This website serves a GET request at "/predict" with the params {date:'YYYY-MM-DD'} which uses the pre-trained ML model and predicts the pollution for the date provided.
Context: Air pollution is a big issue in Hyderabad, and I have built a Machine learning app that predicts the amount of PM25 particles in air. That ML model is deployed using pythoneverywhere and the data is stored at ElephantDB. The website is a Flask application built using SQLAlchemy which hits the data at ElephantDB and displays the data.
Usage: A cron job at 1:05AM GMT makes the HTTP request from this website and stores the prediction in an ElephantDB table.
Sample GET request: It returns the prediction value.
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